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MW Partners has built a national reputation for excellence in delivering best-in-class technology professionals and project consulting. These services are in a wide range of areas, including advanced application development, network systems, complex internet-enabled solutions, technical documentation, data warehousing/decision support, and help-desk management. MW Partners' breadth of capabilities assists our clients and collaborative partners to address their critical IT issues to stay ahead of the increasing need for IT portfolio integration and systems ROI.

We have proven to be a company that can continuously deliver high quality enterprise application talent to our customers at a significantly lower cost.

Our vision is to be the best-in-class provider of integrated business and technology services, combining excellence in execution with continuous innovation so that our clients can effectively harness today’s complex IT portfolio environment in support of their business objectives.

Our clients’ inherent value in teaming with MW Partners is extraordinary: A local reach to a broader set of distinctive competencies, deeper industry expertise, and a diverse range of business and technology experts. We possess the experience, scale, scope, and resources to help our clients complete their high yield IT initiatives more cost-effectively.


Project Management & Systems Integration

"The client is the 2nd largest school district in the country, supporting 100,000 students and 30,000 employee records with disparate processes and business rules, and required a rapid integration of systems and business processes. MW Partners led the complex integration of all Student Information Systems and data from multiple locations into the one integrated system. The project was completed on time while providing a model for other school districts to follow.”

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